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Welcome to Your Pet Food Online, the online home of Pet Paraphernalia Ltd, a family owned and run pet store in Lancashire. As a family we have been involved with animals for over 45 years. Our dogs have not only been our pets, over the years we have had considerable success both breeding and showing them. We have been working within the pet food industry for over 35 years with our independent pet shop Pet Paraphernalia Ltd.

Inspired by our own animals and with the knowledge gained from our experience over the years, we can now bring to you Your Pet Food Online.

We have 4 ranges of dog and cat foods as well as a small animal and a pond food range. We feel these should fit most pets and pockets.

Dog and Cat Collections

Silver Collection

A Hypo-Allergenic, Wheat and Wheat Gluten Free Range of Complete Foods for Your Dog or Your Cat.

Gold Collection

A Naturally Balanced Hypo-Allergenic Range of Complete Foods formulated without Beef, Pork, Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Dairy, Egg or Soya for Your Dog or Your Cat.

Platinum Collection

A High Meat Content, Grain and Cereal Free Range of Complete Foods containing a Minimum of 50% Meat or Fish, at least 26% of which is Freshly Prepared. Sweet Potato is included, which is a Great Alternative to Grain. The Collection is packed with Vitamins and has no Added Artificial Colours or Preservatives for Your Dog or Your Cat.

Superfoods / Connoisseur Collections

Like the Platinum Range the Superfoods Range is a Grain and Cereal Free Range of Complete Foods but has a higher meat content of 65% and is packed full of beneficial superfood ingredients.

Small Animal Collection

Ferret and Rabbit Pelleted Foods designed to prevent Selective Feeding and for all Sizes and Ages of Rabbits and Ferrets.

Floating Pond Food Collection

All Seasons Pellet Pond Fish all Year Round.